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Does your school have a notification system in place?

Text Alerts Online is a simple, affordable application that allows you to send SMS text messages, emails and/or voice notifications via any web accessible device at an affordable cost to you.

How does it work?

With this application, the ability of sending notifications exists virtually anywhere. All it takes is the push of a button to notify parents of any important information via an SMS text message, automated voice call and/or email.

Text messages can be sent to any cellular device and all carriers are supported. Automated voice calls can be delivered to any mobile phone or land line number. Also, email can be sent out to any valid email address.

The management console enables you to view reports, manage users and communicate with support staff. All alerts are delivered from 6-digit shortcode and have the option to include "text-in" keywords. Data is stored on redundant servers with a 99.9% up-time.

As concerned parents, we understand the importance of finding out information first hand from reliable school sources. Our goal is to make this connection as simple and effective as possible for both the school and the parents.

How simple is it?

  1. To register, parents simply log on to the schools existing website where a link or an enrollment form is embedded using an 'iframe'.

  2. Once registered, the user will receive a text and/or email confirming enrollment. The user must respond to confirm their enrollment in order to comply with carrier regulations.

  3. Users are given the opportunity to opt out or get help with each alert received.

What's the cost?

Price is based on .75 cents per registered user per school year

No setup or conversion fee
(data can be imported from CSV files)

Only pay for registered users
(NO 'per school' fee)

Maximum of 50 messages per school year
(addt'l messsages-.01 cent/message per user)

No support fees and eight hours of
custom enhancements included